Quectel RM500Q-GL AB-M20-SGASA firmware

Hi there,
Where can i download the latest firmware for this module?, can see some other models but not the one i do have overhere.
Is there a list of version models as i´m lost a bit with all available versions.
Do Quectel support a sort of program where you can tick the desired functionalities for this module, for example enable/disable certain carriers or bands?
I do have a M.2 to USB converter with my module attached what is the best program to communicate via PC ?, do you prefer a certain terminal program?
Please let me know.

Dear Sir,
We have QCOM tool, it is convenient to test with the module, and we also have at command to select band or mode information, please get them from our local FAE. Thanks!

Managed to find Qcom and made connection to RM500Q. However when figuring out current firmware via
AT+CGMR with the result :


I have requested access to download on the Quectel website for premium users but untill now still no reply on my request.
As new(er) firmware is highly needed for further development of our product we are considering to change Quectel for another brand which are more helpful in tech support.

For your info (if that may help) we are in the process of producing more than 1000 units.
Hope to hear soon.

Dear Sir,
Sorry to hear about that. Here is the download link of the latest firmware and Qflash upgrade tool.

In order to provide better support, please also answer below questions so that we can give local support to you. Thanks in advance!

• Company name and Located city:
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• Current status:
• From which distributor do you buy Quectel modules & EVB kits?