Quectel RM500-AE shows signal and connected but no internet on T-Mobile sim!

I have Calyx Institute 5g service plan. I used to have the 4g plan and everything worked fantastic. I recently upgraded to the T-mobile 5g plan and put their sim in my LTE 3526 with a RM500-AE modem. The internet worked fine for about 5 minutes then dropped connectivity and I cannot get it back. I have IMEI changed and APN changed to correct name. I am not sure what is going on, other than possibly T-mobile somehow identified my LTE router or RM500 modem. Does anyone know if I need to run an AT command to get back internet access or is their possibly a setting in my Rooter of Men firmware on the router that needs to be changed. Please help me. Thanks

I should also mention that when I put the sim back in the T-mobie device MiFi M2000, I have access to internet again. I know its a LTE router problem because I also tried this on my backup WG1608 router and it did the same thing. basically, my WG 3526 and WG1608 both have signal and modem is connected to bands but I dont have access to internet.

Dear Sir,
I guess you are end user, right?
So please contact the router manufactory first, they will check, thanks!