Quectel RM500 5G module interfacing with Jetson Nano EVM kit

Hello Team,
I want to interface the Quectel RM500 5G module with Nvidia Jetson Nano EVM kit for an initial POC purpose.
Once the POC is completed, we’ll proceed for developing commercial custom made board.
The Jetson Nano has a M2 connector placed on the EVM kit.
Please let me know if the RM500 module can be interfaced with the Jetson Nano EVM kit.
If it cannot be directly interfaced, please let me know if there is any another way out.

Best Regards,
Sushant Rajbhar

Dear Sir,
I have attached RM50XQ hardware design notes and reference design for your reference, so you can make a comparison,thanksQuectel_RM50xQ_Series_Reference_Design_V1.2.pdf|attachment (156.3 KB) Quectel_RM500Q-AE&RM502Q-AE_Hardware_Design_V1.0.pdf (1.5 MB)