QUECTEL RG500Q WiFi Application

My name is Cengizhan, and I am currently working on RG500Q and FG50V modules to enable the WiFi function of the EVB board. I found a datasheet about it, and I am trying to implement steps in the figure below. However, I received an error message for AT+QADBKEY= command, and I could not enable the board’s ADB.
Could you help me, please?
Thanks in advance!

Hello Cengizhan,
Thanks for your question, may I have your company name, and who send the picture that you uploaded?please try these AT commands and send the return response to us.Thanks!

I am working with KAREL from Turkey. I am trying to get a 5G or 4.5G signal and connect it to switch with an ethernet cable or spread it via the WIFI6 module. I have no documentation about them. Also, I am sending the return you asked for.
Thanks again

Hello Kaya,
Thanks for your message, I just now sent you an email,please check,thanks!