Quectel Modem BG95-M1 Keeps rebooting

I am using a Quectel Modem BG95-M1 on a custom board and it keeps rebooting everynow and then? does any one know why the Modem keeps reeboting?

Hi @Jeshafterhours

Sorry for the late response.
Have you designed RESET PIN? could you please check this. and have you tried upgrade new firmware?


@Linkin-Q , yes tried the reset option, tried firmware Upgrade ; did not work the modem keeps rebooting

Hi @Jeshafterhours Have you did something before rebooting appeared? and which fw currently using ?

@Linkin-Q Version 008 is currently in use. it just turns off the modem and turns on the Modem automatically

HI @Jeshafterhours
sorry for the late response.
Hard to say what’s be root cause, need to deeper analyse but we cant get this anbormal module.
Are you tried flash to newest fw?

Yes tried to upgrade it to new firmware but still it keeps rebooting

OK, seens we need module to do in-depth analyse. maybe flash or File system damged.