Quectel M66 GSM module doesnt get powered on when sim is inserted

Quectel M66 gsm module was working fine for some weeks and gradually keeps shutting down for unknown reason, but was working back . Now im in a situation where the module doest gets powerd on it gets shut doun after 5-6 blinks on the power led. Also it was noted that when the sim is removed, the device works fine. If anyone had the similar issue or a solution to the same, please get back.

If you find the power led flashing after turning off the device, it should be a problem in your hardware design. Normally, after the module is powered off, the chip cannot work, and the led light cannot be lit. You can check the pin foot of the led light to see where the voltage comes from
After the sim card is removed, all functions are normal except that the relevant parts of the sim card cannot be used.