Quectel_LTE5G_Linux_USB_Driver installation guide for Nvidia Tegra 4.9.253


I am trying to connect Nvidia Jetson Nano singale board computer to a 5G network using Quectel RM500 modules. Do you have any guide how to properly install Quectel_LTE5G_Linux_USB_Drivers on Linux-tegra 4.9.253 OS?

Is it RM500Q or RM400U, or any elseļ¼Ÿ

If you will not compile the kernel for the OS, you have to compile the driver as kernel modules.

Hi thank you for the reply. I compiled the kernel to the OS. However I could not see WWAN driver and GobiNet driver installed. Usb serial option driver was there so I could do AT commands.

Can I know do I need to have WWAN driver and GobiNet driver installed in order to use the RM500Q as modem?

Could you provide the dmesg log?

Please show the result:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices