Quectel LTE module SSL maximum data length


I am going to use the Quectel LTE module to connect the Azure IoT hub over TLS/SSL connection.
As I read AT command manuals of some Quectel LTE modules. it says that SSL’s maximum data length is 1500 bytes. for example command AT+QSSLRECV - Integer type. The length of data to be retrieved. Range: 1–1500. Unit: byte.

As per our device requirement, we need to send up to 3kb of data from the Azure IoT hub to the device, and that’s why I am interested in how I can retrieve the whole message if the max buffer length is 1.5kb.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Confusing is that, we have almost the same limitations with other LTE modules, for example Simcom module has 2kb data buffer size for SSL.
but i think there is way to receive message more than 2kb size