QUECTEL EP06-E will not be done Carrier agegation)=CA and protocol? TCP or UDp

Quectel EP06-E will not be done Carrier agegation)=CA
Hello everyone from spain, but an EP06-E modem, which works well, I wanted to join the bands that reach my rural area B3,7,20, and do it through CA with MIMO antennas to try to get me more potential and signal. according to the manual if you can put together for example b3-b7 and make CA . How can I do this permanently?, that is to say that it stays recorded even if the vcc is unplugged and also be able to undo this change in case it does not go well.
on the other hand it gives me the possibility of working with the TCP or UDP protocols, which would be the correct one?, at the moment I have it in TCP, it does not let the router put both at the same time.

According to the EP06-E specification I have, the modem can aggregate a B3 serving cell with either B3 (intra-band), B7 or B20.

Or a B7 serving cell with B7 or B20.

CA is activated by negotiation between modem and network when conditions are suitable. This includes active data transfer as well as adequate signal on the relevant bands.

You have no control over encouraging active CA other than making sure there’s good signal on the available bands.