Quectel EP06-E not LTE missing

Hi, I’m new to the forum. Bought a glinet xe300 that comes with IoT/LTE A module as follow; Quectel EP06-E. But the weird thing is the LTE is missing from selection. When using AT command to set band as default it failed. It can only detect WCDMA/3G.

I have two of this device and the other one is working fine. Any help/advice would be helpful.

What was the command you used? And what was the response? Can you copy-and-paste the actual interaction?

Sorry, I think there is a bug after accidentally change the setting on the glinet GUI. Found the solution by restoring the module to default state and erase all setting using AT Command; AT+QPRTPARA=3.

Now, the 4G/lte_fdd is available for selection and the module works just fine and can detect LTE service cell nearby.