Quectel EP06 and gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology

In EP06&EG06&EM06_GNSS_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0 describes how to inject gpsOneXTRA data to modem by customer.

Is this procedure needed specifically for EP06 device? Or can the EPo6 retrieve the gpsOneXTRA data itself?

Hello, gpsOneXTRA FILE is to assist the positioning of the module, it does not have to be imported into the module, does not support xtra automatic download, customers can not use, if used, you need to download and import into the module file system, you can refer to the module file instruction document, I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you.

Not, it’s not helpful.
If you don’t understand the question, you’d better keep silent.

I’m still waiting for an answer to the question: how exactly should gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology be used with device EP06?

These files are intended to make GNSS services from the module more accurate.
The module use the files imported into it, automatically, so, the positioning must have more precision.
Antennas of 50 ohms are recommended for better performance.
The device never imports the gpsOneXTRA files by itself. Since they are an OPTIONAL FEATURE.

I’ll be glad if this information could help you in any way.