Quectel EM120R-GL eSIM missing after firmware upgrade? (win10/11)

I have a EM120R-GL module in my Lenovo X13 Yoga with firmware version EM120RGLAPR02A07M4G.
I was using WWAN with an eSIM under Windows and it was beautiful!

I think Lenovo Vantage installed automatic Updates and it upgraded the firmware of the Quectel module (as it did in the past already), All of the sudden the eSIM is not present anymore. Windows is only showing SIM missing.

What happened to the eSIM function? How can I activate it again?

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I have exactly the same issue on 4 of our Lenovo Thinpad T14S G2 with EM120R-GL module. Lenovo does not have a solution for this and has advised me to contact Microsoft and my mobile provider. But this is nonsense…as i assume. Is there a solution for this issue? eSIM functionality disappeared after Vantage Update of the WWAN Modul. A new Image installation of Windows 10 and even Windows 11 does not solve this issue. I am very angry. In the meantime, Lenovo has removed the new driver from their website but officially the Problem is not known :-(((

This needs to be resolved ASAP. QUECETEL PLEASE HELP!

Today I received the following response from Lenovo confirming my assumption with the FW update:

“Quectel has discovered that the driver package version has an issue that causes the SIM2 channel to be disabled.
Quectel is now working on a recovery tool and initial tests show that it can recover the eSIM on EM120R-GL.
Quectel is also working on the new repaired driver package and the official release is expected in early November.”
We are currently waiting for the Quectel recovery tool to become available, so we will post an update as soon as we receive it."

You can find more information here:


Dear Quectel, as you fucked up my WWAN card with a buggy firmware, can you please replace my WWAN card? Please send me a new card. Thanks

I am having the same problem even updating to EM120RGLAPR02A07M4G_21.021.21.021and using the lenovo tool.
The esim doesn’t seem to work anymore.