Quectel EM06-E Installing Drivers on Khadas DevBoard


I am trying to install the Quectel EM06-E modem on a development board.

I have followed the instructions in the Drivers documentation and have not been able to enable the rild service daemon.

[init.svc.vendor.ril-daemon]: [restarting]
[init.svc_debug_pid.vendor.ril-daemon]: [2101]
[rild.libargs]: [-d /dev/ttyUSB0]
[rild.libpath]: [/system/lib/libreference-ril.so]
[ro.boottime.vendor.ril-daemon]: [24182257594]
[sys.init.updatable_crashing_process_name]: [vendor.ril-daemon]

Would be appreciate if you have any tackle to solve this issue?

Log attached:
log2.zip (5.9 KB)

Hello @Niki.Liu-Q , Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I suggest you use our latest RIL library driver verification test. I hope it will be helpful to you. The download link of the latest RIL library driver is shown below, please download it yourself, thank you.