Quectel EM05-G M.2 Module About eSIM Support?

hi, does the module below support eSIM?

Module Model : Quectel EM05-G M.2
Module Firmware ; EM05GFAR07A07M1G

Hi, as far as I know EM05-G does not support eSIM, but quectel has many other modules that do.

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Thank you for your sharing.

*Could you please update this information? It misinforms users.
The G series appears to support eSIM.

Hi, I’m so sorry, I take back what I said before, I have reconfirmed that the G series does support eSIM.

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Hi, lyman-Q
It is okey no problem. Thank you for the correction.

Have a nice day.

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Ok, thanks. You can also contact me if you have any questions during the use.
Best wishes.