Quectel EM05-G M.2 Module About eSIM Support?

hi, does the module below support eSIM?

Module Model : Quectel EM05-G M.2
Module Firmware ; EM05GFAR07A07M1G

Hi, as far as I know EM05-G does not support eSIM, but quectel has many other modules that do.

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Thank you for your sharing.

*Could you please update this information? It misinforms users.
The G series appears to support eSIM.

Hi, I’m so sorry, I take back what I said before, I have reconfirmed that the G series does support eSIM.

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Hi, lyman-Q
It is okey no problem. Thank you for the correction.

Have a nice day.

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Ok, thanks. You can also contact me if you have any questions during the use.
Best wishes.

I have used an EM05-G (EM05GFAR07A07M1G_01.006.01.006) in M.2 card form factor. The modem has a built-in eSIM as well as support for a SIM slot. When inserted into a ‘USB to M.2’ adapter, and plugged into a Win10 PC, the PC can recognize the built-in eSIM and allow the user to ‘Manage Profiles’.

In the same way, the PC can also recognize the Infineon OPTIGA Connect Consumer OC1120 eSIM, when used in the SIM slot of the adapter.

The modem also works well with the Infineon OPTIGA Connect IoT OC2321 eSIM, allowing one to manage eSIM profiles from the SM-SR server.

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Hi stan4233

There may be a problem similar to the one below. Is such an app available for em05-g?

My ATI output looks like this. can I update to firmware version from you?
Revision: EM05GFAR07A07M1G


My laptop Lenovo thinkpad T14 gen 3 Intel windows 11 22H2

Hello uyex,

My modem has the same ATI as yours.

Revision: EM05GFAR07A07M1G


I don’t have the FW file; the module already had this FW when I got it.

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hi stan4233

my device version is different i guess that’s why.


Do you have a document about the downgrade processes?

Hi Stan4233,

Lenovo support answered my question today. Unfortunately, the eSIM feature can only be used with a PHYSICAL CARD on the WWAN modules used for this model. Therefore, the eSIM feature does not work on this module without a physical card. If you go to the relevant web page below, you will see that it is indicated that it works with a [Gemalto eSIM card (physical)] in the SIM card tab under the connection tab of the relevant device.

Thank you for your support.

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