Quectel EG25 Internet sometimes does not work

Hi Team,

I am currently in Puerto Rico and I have an EG25 that I’m trying to connect to a T-Mobile network.
Sometimes, the modem will connect to the internet, sometimes it does not.
I use Linux Ubuntu, and when I query the signal strength, when it does connect it tells me the signal strength is 60-80%
When it does not connect, it tells me the signal strength is 0%. My antenna is working okay and tested.

I have used the AT command -
AT+QENG=“servingcell” this is the output:
+QENG: “servingcell”, “NOCONN”, “LTE”, “FDD”,310,260,11B7C0C,294,750,2,3,3,F94E,-108,-12,-79,14,15

Any ideas?

Did you use at+csq to query the signal strength? It is recommended to use AT+QENG= “servingcell” to query signal strength. If the signal of wireless environment is too bad, the network will be dropped.

Thanks for your reply.
AT+QENG=“servingcell” this is the output:
+QENG: “servingcell”, “NOCONN”, “LTE”, “FDD”,310,260,11B7C0C,294,750,2,3,3,F94E,-108,-12,-79,14,15

Does this mean I have good signal environment?

According to the query information you provided, refer to the figure below to know that,
It can be known that this data indicates that the signal is not very good at this time.

Thanks, can you suggest a sim provider that would be compatible with the Quectel in Puerto Rico please. This is for business purposes so greatly appreciated thanks.

hi ,
As far as I know, each sim card operator network coverage is not very uniform, there will be good network environment and bad location. You are advised to select this option based on the local carrier deployment.