Quectel EC25 suddenly stops responsing

Hi, i am using EC25-E. I am sending at commands from a other microntroller over main uart port and sometimes the module suddenly stops responsing to any at command. When this event occurs, I reset the module with the help of the reset pin and it continues to work. This is not a periodic and often thing but It happens approximately once every 20 minutes. what can i do to solve this problem?

Hi @ahmetbilaly
Can you use AT+QGMR to check the current firmware version? And you can see if the AT is the same every time you stop receiving AT instructions, is there any pattern?

Hİi @lyman-Q
I have used AT+GMR and the response is “EC25EFAR08A02M4G”. actually I am using the module for continuous communication with mqtt. In my at command pattern, After completing the mqtt connection operations i send AT+QMTPUBEX for publishing and after receiving ‘>’ character I send payload and after sending payload i am controlling communication with “AT” and after getting the “OK” response, the loop is back to the beginning(AT+QMTPUBEX).
I’m not sure after which command the module stops responding but there are 3 possibilities as I am constantly sending 3 types of messages ( 1- “AT+QMTPUBEX”, 2- my payload, 3- “AT”). After the AT+QMTPUBEX command, I thought if I might be sending a very large value for the length of the message, and when I couldn’t get a response from the module, I sent a 1500 byte string filled with ‘1’ and then tried to communicate, but the module still did not respond. The reason I chose the number 1500 was the “2. After executing this command, the client will be ready to send data, which will be sent as payload.
The maximum length of the input data is 1500 bytes at a time” warning I saw in the mqtt application note.

Hi @ahmetbilaly
I noticed that the firmware you used was released in 2020, and the new firmware has been released now. Could you please give me your email so that I can send you the latest firmware to upgrade and try again?

Sure, but I don’t know how to update firmware. Can you please explain to me?


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Hi @ahmetbilaly
I send the firmware and Qflash to you,pls check.

Hi @lyman-Q, I have quectel ec25 i am using it but sometimes i wanna research somethings about the module but most of documents are locked and i can not access them. can you please share all documents about quectel ec25 with me?

OK,please give your e-mail,and i will send it to you.tks

thank you,

Hi @ahmetbilaly
Send it to you,pls chk.