Quectel EC25 no qmi indication on provider disconnection

Hi all!
doing some test we have verified that on Provider disconnection, apparently cause by inactivity on network, the Packet service status changes are notified after a long time passed (40 min at least). Or sometime comes only when try to reach providers network.
The QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS_IND, and consequently QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS, changes are traffic dependent?
The issue is present on Quectel-CM, single and multi PDN with proxy and libqmi too.
Since this causes having outdated status on Data packet, this is a known issue of qmi protocol or i’m doing wrong something?

Thanks in advance

If there is no traffic for a long time after the data network connection is established, the data connection may be disconnected, which is determined by the SIM card operator’s network.
The general method is to check the status of the network data connection regularly. When the connection is found to be disconnected, the dial-up must be initiated again and the network data connection is re-established.This is what Quectel-CM does.

Sure for that, we have one operator that do that periodically.

Thats what we are doing with QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS.

Thats the point @Issac, we are in the situation where the QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS_RESP indicates connected, but on transmission on the providers network the traffic isn’t sorted and the status of QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS changes to disconnected (due to a supposed QMI_WDS_GET_PKT_SRVC_STATUS_IND) on the subsequent query. That’s happens in qmi mode on quectel-CM with and without proxy.
Is it a way to retrieve the updated status of data packet without trying to do traffic?