Quectel EC25-E modemmanager/networkmanager

I’m trying to use the linux software modemmanager and networkmanager to connect to the internet with my quectel EC25-E. Unfortunely it was not possible yet to establisch a connection. So I’m asking myself: Is this way of connecting to the modem supported and if so, how?
I was able to connect, by using the tool qmicli with the following commands:
qmicli --device=/dev/cdc-wdm0 --device-open-proxy --wds-start-network=“ip-type=4,apn=my.apn” --client-no-release-cid
udhcpc -q -f -n -i wwan0
I hope somebody has some more information about this topic.

Hi nick,
I suggest you use our company’s quectel-CM tool, it can help you establish a data connection, the tool is given to you in the form of source code, you can contact us if you have any problems. Before using the tool, you need to install the quectel EC25 linux driver, and uninstall the modemmanager, uninstall the command: #sudo apt remove modemmanager ,because it will conflict with the quectel-CM tool. For the use and source code of the quectel-CM tool, you can request it by email support@quectel.com. When you send an email, please indicate your geographic location and company name.

Thank you for your quick reply. I already used quectel-CM and it worked fine. Does quectel-CM offers autoconnect functionality? This is quite important for our devices.

Hi nick,
If the network is disconnected, the connection can be automatically reconnected. However, if the software exits abnormally, the connection will not be automatically connected. You need to write a program to detect the exit and run it again manually

I run my Quectel modems in ECM mode so that they autoconnect, and auto-reconnect as necessary.

I’ve had an EM06-E running 24/7 for years this way.

The AT command to put the modem into ECM mode is: AT+QCFG="usbnet",1