Quectel EC25-e connection problem

I successfully connected a EC25-e minipcie module using minipcie 2 usb wwan connector with a Linux Box. Four ttyUSB devices are created at device startup. I plug an ILIAD Italy SIM: the device successfully registered on the home network and I could make a test call using atd (without audio capabilities, but the phone on the other end rang showing my phone number). Then I tested my Ho Mobile USIM, a Vodafone Italia Network company: the EC25-e could not register on Vodafone Network. The device enter a power down cycle if PIN is disabled, and to prevent this I had to issue AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3 limiting operations to 3g/4g networks. At this point the device stops power down cycle and sometime successfully registered on network soon after power up, but often it fails (AT+COPS? answer +COPS: 0) and never register in an unpredictable manner.

AT+COPS=? answer
+COPS: (1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,0),(1,“ho.”,“ho.”,“22210”,7),(3,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,7),(3,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,7),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,"22250)

If I force manual network selection I got


Vodafone had shut down 3g network on my area: only 2G and 4G are available.

The Ho mobile USIM works perfectly on my cheap TIM Easy 4g Phone both internet and VoLTE.

The ATI command on Quectel answer:

Revision: EC25EFAR02A03M4G


As far as I know the firmware is dated. Maybe an update can solve the issue? How can I perform update?

Thank you.

the latest version: EC25EFAR02A10M4G.zip
You can send an email to support@quectel.com to get this version.

Thank you Isaac. I sent an email to support@quectel.com on May 4th, and they replied asking me information about the company I’m working to. I said I’m teacher and I’m working to prove my students how to use a modem to make a VoLTE call and connect to internet talking with modem via AT commands. No one replied from Quectel anymore. The device can’t activate a valid IMS context as it is and the current firmware doesn’t accept AT commands to route audio on ttyUSB interface. Me and the students enjoying my group are moving to LE910 form Telit to complete the project. Thank you anyway.

I had sent the FW to you via email.

Hi, I downloaded the upgrade tool from the first link, but I can’t download the second file (the firmware I think), maybe because the mail address I’m using is not linked with Office365. I replied the mail you sent me writing the school mail address linked with Office365.
I’m waiting for the firmware and I hope the update can fix problems related with ho mobile network company.

Thank you for support.


Hi, is this topic still active? As I wrote 4 days ago (and 6 days ago privately) I can’t download the firmware from the link you sent me because the email address I’m using is personal and not linked to an Office 365 account. I replied privately indicating the school email linked to Office 365 but I didn’t get any reply nor the school. If the company policies prevent personnel from sending firmware update to me or the school because there are requirements I don’t match, just say it clearly.


What information are you missing? Please email me.