Quectel EC25-E checking signal quality while connection established

I’m using raspberry pi to dial the modem via the main UART port.
Is it possible to get the signal level while the connection is already established?
Seems the modem is not responding to the AT commands if the connection was established.

Thank you,

You can check the signal quality with AT+QENG= “servingcell”.thanks.

Hi Anna,
The modem UART is already dialed with PPP services.
I cannot use AT Command while the connection is established.
Is there any trick to get a signal level without disconnecting?

Consider using normal USB port instead. You will have separate AT, PPP and other ports then.

yes,I think so. This is used by multiple ports.

You can use ordinary usb port for ppp, so that more ports are used, so you can use at command to query signal strength. I will test the scenario you mentioned later to see if there is a way to query, thank you.