Quectel EC25 AU - AUX "Rx Diversity" Not available

Hi, I bought and assemble, a 4G Router WE826-t2 using Quectel EC25-AUX for Latin America.
The Router has the option to connect 2x 4G antenas. I replace them for external antenas for better gain in the rural áreal.
I noticed that in Quectel Webpage EC25-AU and AUX doesn’t support RX Diversity…so I wonder if I’m wasting money using two external antennas, and I should use only one, and connect it to the two inputs for 4G antennas of the router. Actually I use two external antennas and I suppose that I’m wasting money.

Hi Gabriel,
Our module supports RX Diversity.Please refer to below detail:

Hope this helpful for you. Thank you.