Quectel EC200T-AU minipci module does not work after uploading the firmware

Hello, I have a problem with the EC200T-AU mini pci module, it did not work, the AT commands to make HTTP requests gave error 730, so I updated the firmware for which they gave me “EC200TAUAAR05A06M16_01.001.01.001” I followed the steps to upload the file in Qflash 6.1 the process ended but now the pc does not recognize the com ports of the device it is as if the pc disconnected the module in a second since the sound is heard, it is not a problem with the driver I think it is the firmware
Thank you

Hi @Heriberto_Guerra
The problem is that the port is not displayed, right? Does the USB port recognize it? Can you re-upgrade to the original firmware version to try?

Hello, the pc emits the usb port detection sound but a second later it disconnects it, with the factory firmware it did recognize the com ports, I can’t go back to a previous version since I don’t have previous firmware versions.