Quectel E25-X and set interface - port order?

There is E25-E plugged via mPCIE2USB adaptor to the Linux x64 non GUI system.
There are some ttyUSB ports appeared after mode plugged to the system.
It looks like as at Huawei and Zte USB dongles.

At the time there are 4 interfaces, for example ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB3.

But modem and management interface is the las ones - ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB3.
Is it posiibe to set the following interface order, as at Huawei dongles, as the following:
1st - modem port;
2nd - voice port;
3rd - management port;
4th - some other port ?

Hi @CpServiceSPb
Sorry, the port does not support customization.