Quectel-CM run by systemd

Has anybody tried to run quectel-cm as soon as the device is detected, through systemd?

Dear Sajjadi335,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Could you help to share more information about your issue? It is better to provide your test log. Then we can help you to confirm the root reason. Thanks!

I have attached a quectel module through usb cable to an embedded module, which hosts a yocto-based linux. I have been able to compile quectel-cm to the linux as an application, and it works. Now I am thinking of automating the process: when the qmi_wwan is registered, quectel-cm be run, and when it is unregistered, it be killed.

If that, you can try to write a scipt to run quectel_CM automatic when module register on network normally. Thanks!

I know it is possible, but I thaught somebody might be able to help more than that! e.g. giving me his own udev rule to do that

If that, you can try to ask for someone to share it with you. Thanks!