Quectel-cm latest version?

Hello, what would be the latest version of quectel-cm and where could I download it? I am using a RG500Q-EA module. Thank you

I have sent it to your email,please check

Thank you Herbert, but I was actually asking for the quectel-cm tool to manage connectivity. You sent me the module’s firmware, which is still nice to have since is newer than the one I previously had. Could you send me the quectel-cm?

Hi, I need the latest firmware version for the RM510QGLHA-M20-SGASA, as well as the latest connection manager version. I have the connection manager 1.6, but it does not work properly.

I have a 5G standalone network with indoor (basic) cells and outdoor (including beamforming, etc.) cells. It connects to indoor but not to outdoors. My mobile phones connect to both without any issue so I think the problem is related with the connection manager or the firmware.

Thank you in advance.