QUECTEL BG96 modem is not working properly why?

when I open minicom with port ttyUSB3 I got following errors continoulsly, why the modem gives thats kind of errors ?
where did I do mistakes ?
I cant establish the PPP connection also
but $ sudo lsusb
it detecting the device the vendor ID.
if anyone knows please help me.

Best regards,

Hi Macharia,

Pls send $ ls /dev/ttyUSB* to check your USB driver first .


Yes, I did check so some times it showed like:
ttyUSB0,ttyUSB1,ttyUSB02,ttyUSB3, only 4 ports right ?. I got 4 ports.
sometimes when I reboot the device it showing different ports like ttyUSB0, ttyUSB4,ttyUSB5,ttyUSB6
How do I make it fix bcoz I established the ppp0 connection using ttyUSB3.

please help me and thanx for responding.

Best regards,