Quectel BG96 and LwM2M

I’m using Quectel BG96 and its evb (Quectel UMTS/LTE EVB KIT).
My goal is to build Anjay/Wakaama LwM2M Client and able to run it on current board.
Instead of using Quectel LwM2M, I would like to convert my LwM2M Client.
From my quick research, it looks like Quectel is using LLVM to compile from Windows/Linux.
Is there way to compile Anjay/Wakaama with LLVM from Windows?
Kindly look into it.

Hi da_y ,

you can try it .
you know ,LLVM is a C compiler from Qualcomm , the standard C lib is same as other compiler .

there are some customer using GCC compiler our DAM application .

As you said , you want to use anjay/wakaama LwM2M open source to develop LwM2M client . I think Compilation may succeed, but I’m not sure if it can be 100% BG96 compatible. You can try it.