Quectel based ready to use DTU

I am looking for some company which provides ready to use DTUs and IoT gateways built around quectel modems

Hello Abhishek,

We are design and manufacturing firm developing custom applications in embedded domain.
We have designed product on OpenCPU as well as MCU+Quectel’s Module.
Some of them are

  1. Vehicle Tracker based on Open CPU using MC60 and standalone MCU + M95 (AT commands) combination.
  2. Low Cost Open CPU based Modbus Gateway and Automatic Meter Reading.
  3. used into Wireless Sensor Gateways for Cellular network.
  4. Also used Quectel’s M95 (including Dual SIM), M66 and BG96 into many other application.

we can further communicate over Phone If you wish to.

Umesh Walkar