QuecPython upload

Hello there,

Does rshell work as py scripts uploader ?

>>> rshell
>>> cp path/main.py /pyboard/main.py

any answers ?

I have one more question
Where to find QuecPython Stubs ?


hello, Do you mean the correspondence between the pin number and the GPIO number?

Please refer to the link below:

Screenshots is from my new tool ( VSCode / PlatformIO )

RSHELL is remote microPython shell, I ask if it works for Quectel modules
if not - is there a file uploader (preferably a python script)

and from where to find microPython stubs

hello,you can use QPYCOM instead.

the download link bellow:


The problem is that, this tool is not cross-platform
that’s why I’m asking, is there a script uploader (cross-platformed)
or source code to make an uploader ( Python ) as RSHELL

Sorry, maybe I don’t understand your question. Do you mean you don’t debug in the windows environment? Can you elaborate on the problems when using QPYCOM?

I make cross-platform ( Windows, Linux, Darwin… etc ) Tool ( as IDE )
based of VSCode + PlatformIO ( editor + builder )

The Tool / IDE support QuecPython:

  • Create

Create a QuecPython project

  • Write / Edit

Write / Edit QuecPython code

  • Lint

Lint QuecPython code ( syntax checking … The GIF shows the effect )
for linting code I need QuecPython Stubs
The Stub files contain type-hinting information of normal Python modules…
They look very similar to C header files in that they contain only the function signatures, but their use is purely optional…
Lint (software) - Wikipedia

  • Upload

Upload PY code to module
To be cross-platform tool, the uploader must be writen of Python
Your tools is only for Windows

ALL microPython boards use open source shell ( as RSHEL ) to uploading python code to modules
so, are you have shell to module or uploader source code to make own uploader