QuecPython for BG77LA - I2C support

IIC module is mentioned in changelog of QPY_V0001_BG77_FW. However in hardware design document for BG77, pins I2C_SCL and I2C_SDA have description I2C serial clock/data (for external codec).

Is general operation of I2C bus supported or is it only limited to external codec?


BG77LA I2C pins are as follows

I2C0 (SCL —PIN37, SDA — PIN5)
I2C1 (SCL —PIN57, SDA — PIN1)
I2C2 (SCL —PIN9, SDA — PIN63)

Note, however, that the current firmware version does not yet support I2C.You can debug it by using GPIO to simulate I2C first.



in changelog.md file of QPY_V0001_BG77_FW, IIC is mentioned in supported function list.

  • EN
  • Support function list
  1. app_fota
  2. atcmd
  3. dataCall
  4. fota
  5. net
  6. ntptime
  7. pm
  8. uio
  9. ujson
  10. umqtt
  11. usocket
  12. utime、
  13. log
  14. sysbus
  15. queue
  16. sim
  17. Pin
  18. ExtInt
  19. UART
  20. SPI
  21. IIC
  22. Timer
  23. RTC
  24. Power
  25. ADC
  26. PowerKey
  27. _thread
  28. ussl

Is this a mistake or is IIC/I2C already supported? I don’t have any BG77 board yet to test with.

@Felix.feng-Q could you please comment on my previous post? Thank you.

hi~, danielm

Sorry for the late reply.

May I ask what is your firmware version?

The latest version already supports I2C