QuecOpen only available for a minimum of 10000 pcs (!?)

we would like use a quectel modem to speedup our device data transfer. Because we want to minimize the changes to our application firmware, the perfect solution would be to transmit our data,via serial port, to an quecopen linux executable that afterward sends the data to a socket via quecopen API like qapi_send().
We asked to our supplier of quectel products how to get modems having quecopen active and he told us that quecopen modules is only available for a minimum of 10000 pcs (!!!). Is there someone in Quectel that can confirm such information? For me it seems very strange, because ,at the end, the difference is only the firmware of the modem…I mean: I cannot buy 1000 pcs with quecopen but I can buy 1000 without it. The problem for Quectel is that without QuecOpen I do not buy a single module, I will buy 1000 smart-modules with linux+modem inside… Quectel wants this?
Thanks in advance for your time.
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Quectel has told us that quecPython modules have no limitation in the number of pcs to buy like quecOpen ones, so the problem is solved.

Hello agiuliani.
I’m curious specifically how you solved this problem.
Is quecopen now available in your own EC21 modules?
would it be ok, please reply to me :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you.