QuecOpen linker error

Hello ,
I was able to build example project using llvm compiler command.
But i getting error for project which i create in same example folder. following are my command and error list.

D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7>build_demo.bat llvm xxx
== Cleaning Last Building ... bin
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\bin\oem_app_path.ini
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\bin\quectel_demo_xxx.map
== Cleaning... quectel\example\build
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\quectel\example\build\example_adc.o
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\quectel\example\build\quectel_uart_apis.o
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\quectel\example\build\quectel_utils.o
Deleted file - D:\GSM\SDK_from_quectel\Quectel_BG95_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V1.1.7\quectel\example\build\txm_module_preamble_llvm.o
== Application RO base selected = 0x40000000
== Compiling .S file...
== Compiling .C file...
        3 file(s) moved.
== Linking Example xxx application
Error: quectel\example\build\txm_module_preamble_llvm.o(.relInit+0x1c): undefined reference to `quectel_task_entry'
Fatal: Linking had errors.
clang++.exe: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
usage: llvm-elf-to-hex.py [-h] (--vhx | --m32combined | --i32combined | --bin)
                          [--8x1 | --8x2 | --8x4 | --16x1 | --16x2 | --32x1 | --32x2 | --64x1]
                          --output OUTPUT [--verbose]
llvm-elf-to-hex.py: error: argument input_elf: can't open 'bin\quectel_demo_xxx.elf': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'bin\\quectel_demo_xxx.elf'
== Demo application is built in bin

what is the problem ? can anyone help me for that?


Dear Dinkar

Based on the feedback,

No “bin\ quectel_demo_XXx. elf” file found and no definition of “quectel_task_entry”.

Check for any use or missing files in your code.

Thank you for reply.

I solve the problem.

#if defined(__EXAMPLE_XXX__)

missing statement in .C file of that code.

now i am able to build it successfully.