Quecopen develop using Python

Can i use Python for develop with Quecopen environment. If yes, pls give me a guide to using Python on EC25 QuecOpen. Thanks so much!

EC25 does not currently support Python,
Python support is available:
EC200U_CNLB( 8M):
EC200U_EUAB( 8M):
EC600U_CNLB( 8M):
EC600U_CNLC( 8M):
EC600U_EUAB( 8M):
EC600N_CNLA( 8M):


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Thanks Chic.YE-Q, i am also developing with EC200U (quecopen). Pls give me a guide to work with Python on this module.

API introduce: https://python.quectel.com/wiki/#/en-us/api/QuecPythonClasslib?id=example-python-script-execution
File download: https://python.quectel.com/download
Document center: https://python.quectel.com/doc/en/
The selection: https://python.quectel.com/doc/doc/Quecpython_intro/en/Qp_Product_intro/Hardware_Support.html