Quecopen crash on start


Is there any way to delete quecopen application using bootloader or something?
I have downloaded the application which crashes at the begining and now my BG95-M3 restarts all the time.

Which is strange it probably crashes on the lin:

Is there anything I can do? I have UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2

find pin USB_BOOT and connect to VDD_EX( 1.8v ) then power-on and reflash module

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@WizIO @Stephen.Li-Q I’ve managed to reflash the module but still the module keeps reseting. Any idea what is wrong?
Should I flash firmware which doesn’t support QuecOpen? is there any firmware like that?

we not have source for analysis…

try check/debug uart_handle == NULL or other variable for NULL

if firmware not support ThreadX will not start user application

@WizIO The problem is I cannot download my firmware to BG95-M3 because it keeps reseting.
I’ve managed to flash processor using USB_BOOT pin but still it restarts all the time(boot -> restart -> boot -> …).

It looks like the processor is still loading my previous quecopen application even after flashing it.

yep … same as me at first days with BG95 :slight_smile:

my solution:
I modified my python uploader to write ( very fast ) empty file ( oem_app_path.ini ) to UFS

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After all I got a new firmware from quectel which deletes datatx contents.

Thanks for help @WizIO @Stephen.Li-Q

in developer stage I use SIM card as “pause key”… ( or wait 5, 6 seconds )
main() begin with wait_sim_ready()… if have problems with application, I remove sim card and reset module
app waithing sim and usb is OK to remove “bad” app

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Thanks, great idea.
I used sleep for now, but this seems much better.
Also just in case I kept the firmware which deletes /datatx/ contents.

I am also facing the same issue when I turn on the board it is crashing and com port is disabled, due to this I am not able to remove the bin file in datax directory.i also tried usb boot pin to vdd_ext pin but I am not able to upload anything. Can you suggest me a way or something how can I get rid of this and remove the contents in datax directory.