Quecopen BG95-M3 SSL socket write is failing


I am having huge troubles trying to send larger amounts of data (> 60kB) over a SSL socket.
The center of the problem is the qapi_Net_SSL_Write function. Calling it is a nonblocking operation so I have no idea when the data is actually transferred and the ssl socket is ready for the next write call.
I have to call it multiple times in a row to send a large file (4MB) in small fragments but this is impossible because sometimes I get -20012 errors or the server reports a failed hashsum.
Additional info.

Only the first few calls to qapi_Net_SSL_Write work so I am able to send smaller files correctly but the call fails sporadically after 4 or 5 calls in a row. I am writing 16kB buffers each time.

Calling qapi_Timer_Sleep between writes works but it is an unacceptable solution because we do not know how long to wait and upload speeds are unoptimal.

I tried to use qapi_select to wait for the write socket to be ready but it also immediately returns without any indication that the underlying socket has actually sent the data.

I tried to set the socket option SO_BIO or SO_NONBLOCK but it had no effect.

I need help for this topic otherwise we are unable to upload larger files with the BG95.

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I was able to find a solution by polling the SO_TXDATA option to check if the socket send buffer has enough space. Doing it this way works.

Hi kadire ,

in fact SSL socket means that SSL over TCP ,

TCP face to connection ,there is internal machenism to protect data ,if you use TCP , in theory , data will not been missed forever ,

pls use TCP_client.c to test it again ,

for more analysis , we need to you capture the wireshark log for more analysisis