QuecOpen BG95 Cannot start demo application


I am trying to start uart_demo application on BG95-M3 but I have some problems. I have put both files oem_app_path.ini and quectel_demo_uart.bin into /datatx/ directory but it doesn’t seem to start.

How can i be sure it is started? I connected to both debug uart and main uart and cannot see any log.

HI Aledej,

Did you reboot? The binary file will take effect after reboot. The main uart won’t have nothing ouput.
Debug port should have inout like below:

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Thanks for quick reply.

I did restart the board.

Use firmware marcked for QuecOpen, some old firmwares QuecOpen is not enabled

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I got a firmware marked as 20191225 v1.0.2, is it too old?

this work fine…