QUCTEL SPI communication problem

my quctel mc60 a3164 spi communication is not working properly , while i send ‘1’ means slave will read ‘224’ and ‘2’ means 63 and so on. if u know the answer means plz tel me…asap…

while i using arduino to arduino spi communication that was working properly , the same concept used in quctel to arduino is not working properly ,(quctel=master, and arduino =slave ).

Hi Vijaygokul:
I guess it may be that the spi configuration of your ardunio is different from the spi configuration of our module. So the communication fails, Please check if the SPI configuration on your arduino is consistent with our Quecopen SPI configuration,The configured interface of our Quecopen is as follows:
s32 Ql_SPI_Init(u32 chnnlNo, Enum_PinName pinClk, Enum_PinName pinMiso, Enum_PinName pinMosi, Enum_PinName pinCs, bool spiType);
s32 Ql_SPI_Config(u32 chnnlNo, bool isHost, bool cpol, bool cpha, u32 clkSpeed);