QMTOPEN :0,-1..... Can't AWS ioT core

@sivanantham @alikemalaldogan
I tried test for AWS iot core connection using EC25 module.
But I can’t connect it…
Could you please tell me the commands?

And the packet was captured by bridging the PC between the module and I can see the Bad certificate from AWS request packet.
I’m just using the AmazonRootCA1…

Could you please send me the Amazong RootCA1 file when ssl server connect?

HI Maker_i,
Amamzon root certificate can be downloaded here

You need to add 2 more certificates on EC25 module
Make sure the policy is running on aws after generating the keys

Sivanantham A

Sure, I did add 2 certificate on ec25 module

Could you please send me the configuration value of your connection AT command ??

Could you please tell me the name of the product you are using?
I think that EC25 might not be able to connect to AWS iot.