Qmtcfg & qsslcfg

Hi all,

Can anyone explain me, why this cmd not work
AT+QMTCFG=“SSL”, 1, 1, 1

I will make a connection with the BC65 to AWS, i generate the cert and upload it to the BC65, now i will configurate the ssl and the certs.

Also, this cmd don’t work: AT+QSSLCFG=“cacert”,1,“cacert.pem”

According to the BC65 technical manual,BC65’s MQTTS is not supported at present. Please change to another MQTT server that does not require SSL authentication.

hi herbert

So it is also not possible to connect with an azure server?

hi herbert,

For which controller, does the aws or azure connection work, if i use the NB-IoT Network.

We recommend you to use Ali Cloud, which is also an MQTT server commonly used by customers and does not require SSL authentication