Qmi protocol & ipv6 in openwrt from EC25

Hello friends
I use the EC25 as a GSM modem with a USB connection to the Mediatek MT7628
And I used the QMI protocol to build the interface in openwrt, but iPV6 is not enabled in that protocol
How can I fix this?


EC25 supports IPV6 protocol in QMI data call. I doubt that whether network supports IPV6 in GSM mode. You could check the assigned IP address after network attach successfully.
AT+CGREG? //Check network registeration status.
AT+CGDCONT? //Check your IP type and APN setting.
AT+QIACT=1 //Activate PDN context to get IP address assigned by network.
AT+QIACT? //Check PDN activation status.
AT+CGPADDR //Check IP address assigned by network.

Firstly, can you access the Internet through IPv6 on the OpenWrt?

The second, you’d better configure the odhcpd service on the OpenWrt.