Ql_GNSS_PowerOn MC60 Opencpu

I am using MC60 with opencpu. I tried opencpu example_download_epo.c, it uses Ql_GNSS_PowerOn function and its second parameter is a callback function. (Ql_GNSS_PowerOn(RMC_EN | GGA_EN, Customer_NMEA_Hdlr, NULL)) It explains the callback function, “NMEA callback function used for receiving the NMEA sentences from CORE by parameters of nmea_buff and len.”. But I couldn’t found any information this callback function will call periodically or when? When I compiled exapmle_download_epo.c then flash to the MC60 it sends location through the uart periodically. I don’t understand this period how it works?


In this callback function, the NMEA information passed to this API is parsed, and if the information is judged to be valid after parsing, the DEBUG serial port will be called to print GNSS-related NMEA information.