QHTTPREAD: <err> wrong syntax received

I am trying to make a post request for a server with a BG77 module. I succeeded to get the answer from the server. I used at+QHTTPREAD to read the answer from the ser to my POST request. The documentation Quectel_BG95&BG77_HTTP(S)_Application_Note_V1.0 shows that the end of server answer is marked by the reception of "+QHTTPREAD: ". In case of is equal to zero, this refers to successful operation.

I have noticed that some times I receive the answer without spac between the two points and the error number. For instance, I fet these two cases:

  • the correct syntax +QHTTPREAD: 0
  • the wrong syntax +QHTTPREAD:0

Does someone have an explanation ?

it seems one small sw bug , if it take the trouble to parse the URC string ,

pls capture the QWInlog , we will FYI to R&D to fixed it ,

but in R&D side , any ticket need the support of log , thanks for your understanding

Could you explain for me the mean of QWinlog ? And how to capture it ?