QHTTPGET with large amount of data - BG95-M3

Hello everyone!

I’m using BG95-M3 to do HTTPS requests. So far I was able to retrieve back the data I was requesting, but now I’m trying to download a new ESP32-S3 firmware via HTTPS.

Here are the commands I’m using and the respective answers:

→ https://…
← OK
← OK
← +QHTTPGET: 0,200,1312736

And from this point, I don’t receive CONNECT nor anything. Can someone help me?

AT+QHTTPREAD[=<wait_time> Or AT+QHTTPREADFILE=< file_name> [,

< wait_time> ] Instructions are read by line, according to your requirements.

Thanks for you reply!

That in fact solved my issue. Could you just answer another question, cause I didn’t see it the manual? After writing AT+QHTTPREAD and receiving CONNECT, the whole file is ready to be read via UART, or do I have to wait a while?

It can be read directly through the UART interface without waiting.

I’m trying to read a binary file with this, and what is happening now is that I receive a lot of zeros between the data. Do you know what could be happening and how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance!