QFlash_V6.x Optionally program bootloader and flash

Hi all,

Is there a way to make QFlash only program user firmware? I am assuming that there should be no reason to keep having to flash the bootloader over and over again.

I also do want the QFlash to stop erasing the non volatile memory as I store lots of information which I have to keep re-entering each time I program the board which is quite frustrating.

The whole programming is taking over 69s seconds in some cases with 921600 baud. On our old BC66 code the programming takes less than 10 seconds at 115200.


Is your goal to keep updating the SDK?

I am not sure I understood what your question is are asking here?
I never said anything about updating SDK. I will try see if I can open a ticket.

  • Do you only upgrade the firmware of the module? Or you can do it by ticket

Are you asking if we want a paid service (tickets) for updating our boards with new firmware?

As an firmware engineer at this point I am ony concerned with the development phase.
Maybe at a later stage consider what you are offering when we get to the production phase.

But for now, i am simply writing code and debugging with serial ports as this is the only available means that I am aware of on these devices.

The confusing part for me is that QFlash.exe uses a Filedownload.ini file which has option to skip downloading bootloader and/or application but it does not seem to work.

QFLASH also has “checkbox” buttons to the left side of each file listed and that too don’t work.