QFlash v5.9 can't load BG95M3LAR04A02_01.001.01.001


QFlash EN v5.9 can’t load BG95M3LAR04A02_01.001.01.001. What QFlash version do I use?

please try it again

I tried with 5.9 CN. But I have same error.

What is the current firmware version?

Current firmware version is BG95M3LAR04A02_01.001.01.001.

I selected prog_firehose_nand_mdm9x05.elf. But QFlash failed with “FAIL, DL_Firehose, Time out!”.

please select 921600 baudrate to try it again

Changed baud to 921600 but it still failed with timeout.

Hi @herbert.pan-Q,

can you send me link were i can download latest QFlash utility? darkaster@gmail.com


I have sent it to your email,pls check

Hi @herbert.pan-Q ,
Can you share me the link to download QFlash tool v5.9 and also is there a version for Linux.?


I have sent it to your email,pls check

I’m getting those timeouts for some EC25 modules all over again. I assume that they can have older FW that is not supporting Firehose update. What should I do for getting these ones updated?