QFlash Unknown Error on MC60E

I’m a newbie so please excuse me and my poor english.
I am trying to update the firmware of the MC60E module and always gives this error:
It should be noted however the Auxiliary UART port connected to GNSS UART port directly and also using QFlash 4.9 and USB2Serial adapter that connected to the main UART of the module.
How can i pass the firmware upgrading?
Thank you.

Dear Mohamadreza Khodabak,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, please make sure you have restart the module after click the start button manually. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
Sounds good, I am sure the module restart by PWR key after clicking start button in app and it will start upgrading firmware as shown below:

Dear Mohamadreza Khodabak,
If that, how about change another Qflash version to have a try ? The following is the tool link, please check. Thanks!
By the way, when you upgrade the module FW, please make sure disconnect the module UART and MCU, and make sure your MCU cannot send any command to module, just provide the power supply for module. Meanwhile, make sure the UART cable is ok. Thanks!

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Dear Kyson,
I’m so sorry about that, the level shift circuit was wrong in my design.
After revised that everything back to normal.
Thanks Kyson. :wink:

Dear Mohamadreza Khodabak,
I am glad to hear that your issue have been solved, you can go on your test. If you need any technical support, please do not hesitate to contact Quectel. Thanks!