QFlash fails everytime

Everytime when I try to download firmware on EC200U module in EVB kit, I’m getting below message.

Please tell me what is the issue and how to get past it. I’m stuck because of this.


Please check whether your power supply is stable, it may be caused by unstable power supply. In addition, the baud rate can be set to 115200

Hi Felix,

Connecting a good power source too, did not help. I tried with baud rate of 115200 as well but no luck.

Is it possible to check debug logs such that we can understand where the issue is? Or any pointer to debug this issue?


Got to know that instead of keeping the module in bootmode with AT+QDOWNLOAD, I should just start flashing by selecting AT port and baud rate 460800. Internally QFLASH sends AT+QDOWNLOAD.