QENG ERROR - Firmware update issue

Hi, I use a Quectel SC600T-EM on my SMART-EVB-G2_V1.2. I have already installed the drivers and some at commands work, but when I run ‘AT+QENG=?’ command I receive an ERROR. I have this result also with other commands (like ‘AT+QNWINFO=?’, ‘AT+QPING=?’ and others). After some research on Forums, I have read that it might be a firmware update issue. So I ask if you can send me the latest firmware for my setup. Thanks in advance.

My firmware is:

If not see the image, the firmware version is: SC600YEMPAR06A04

Below a part of the log:



[2023-07-19_15:27:02:554]+CREG: 1,1



[2023-07-19_15:27:08:752]+CGREG: 1,0



[2023-07-19_15:27:10:999]+CEREG: 1,1








I trust in your answer. Best regards


Hi @Alessio_PALUMBO
Smart does not currently support the QENG command. You can use AT+CSQ to check the case.