QCOPS timing on EG91 (NAX and EX)

Could anyone advise on the maximum time to wait for module response to AT+QCOPS=7,1,1,2 on EG91NAX and EX. Approximate number of minutes is OK - I notice that it often takes over 2 minutes to complete, but I’m not sure after how long the host should wait before aborting the command. Thank you.

Dear Std99,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
There is no exact time can share with you. Because it is different under different environment. You may try to test it more times to confirm the approximate time. Thanks!

Hi Kyson, thank you. It would be useful to know the upper bound - for example is it 5 minutes maximum or 20 minutes (this is EG91 so there is not NBIoT to search which I know can take a very long time). Thanks again