QCom can´t open open ports

Hello everyone,

I’m getting this error message in QCOM = [2023-11-17_00:18:02:620] Open COM Port Fail
Qnavigator can only connect via " Quectel USB Modem" p0ort.
Any ideas? How to restore the ports connectivity?

Thank you beforehand

Check whether the COM port is occupied by another tool

Hello @herbert.pan-Q
Was not the case of the port being occupied, was drivers issues, after reinstall, the ports responding, but NMEA port don’t send any data, is like dead, how should I recover it?
AT&F0 not solved the issues… Do you have any ideas?
Have a great day, thank you beforehand!

If your PC is Windows 11, I suggest you switch to Windows 10 and try again

Hello @herbert.pan-Q My system is Windows 10 LTSC

Can you provide relevant screenshots or logs?

Can you provide relevant screenshots or logs?